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Eric Chase-Sosnoff

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Hello - I'm a 5th year PhD student (ABD) in political science at the University of Chicago.

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I have one working paper. It represents about 1/5 of my dissertation, which is on the same topic.

    Abstract: This paper studies the effects of perceived racism among African Americans on authoritarianism. I use multilevel modeling with post-stratification to estimate these effects from nationally representative surveys and census data. This approach represents a methodological advance to the extent that previous approaches lacked the statistical power to produce reliable estimates for sparsely sampled subsets of data. I find that, on the aggregate level, the effect of perceptions of black-targeted racism among African Americans on their levels of authoritarianism is positive, significant, and large. In contrast, the effect for Whites is reversed. On the state level, these findings hold for about 80 percent of the states that are adequately sampled. Previous scholarship has done a good job of explaining why Blacks are overwhelmingly Democratic despite their high levels of social conservatism and authoritarianism. The present study, to my knowledge, provides the first explicit and systematic attempt to explain why Blacks have such high levels of authoritarianism in the first place.


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